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I'm every so slightly scared......

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Mog the Mouser chased something last night into the bathroom, and has only come out the bathroom once since then, to go our for a wee.


He has literally spent the last 24 hours guarding a hole in the floorboards where, up until Friday, a waste pipe came up through the floor for a shower.




Spider? Mouse? Rat?? Alligator?????


What could possibly make a cat guard a hole for that length of time?!

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He's resisted the temptation to get the iron out ready to squish, but it really is rather disturbing.


He's moved now, and is sitting at the bathroom door, tail flicking, whiskers twitching. I think I may set a mouse trap before I go to bed tonight!

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It will be a mouse shona the best thing to use to tempt it out is fluids soak a bit of toilet paper in water and use that as the bait they can go for ages without food but not water :shock:


I remember having to that when we had one in the kitchen and my ex left a buiscuit out for it as he felt sorry for it :roll: But the wet tissue got it :twisted: I was using a humane trap by the way :lol:

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I'm pretty certain now that it is/was a mouse - a spider just wouldn't hold Mogs interest for so long!


We had problems with mice when we first moved in - we are right next to a farmers field, so I set a trap (humane one, although I must be mad cause the b****r will just come back once it's released), but it's still empty this morning, and Mog is looking rather smug, after another night on the bathroom vigil - he's back to sleeping under Caity's bed, so assume he got whatever it was.


I will leave the trap out till the floorboards are replaced and the tiles put down.


Bless my little honey Mog, what would I do without him?



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