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any computer wizards out there??

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does anyone know how i can get rid of activex control problems??


i am at a complete loss. my computer wont let me open photobucket when it has in the past, its some sort of activex control issue as a little box keeps coming up and telling me it is!



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Laura, is there a little bar across the whole page underneath the explorer bar (where you type web addresses you want to go to) It may say "you need to install ActivX to be able to use this...."


Just click there if you do and that will install the necessary - it happened to me when I tried to put the chook pics on my 'bucket.


Hope that helps, if not I wouldnt know what else to suggest!!


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Laura - are you using (the evil) Microsoft Internet Explorer or (the nice) Mozilla or Firefox... (or another one) - they handle ActiveX controls in different ways...


one thing to do is to clean/repair your registry every now and again


Microsoft have a free tool here... RegClean



that won't repair all faults - so it's often worth having a registry cleaning tool also - such as Reg Mechanic (which is a widely used, easy and fairly safe tool.)


http://www.winguides.com/ it's a free download - but you have to register (posh word for "pay") in order to fix the problems it finds - but it is actually quite good at what it does...




IE will usually (as Andrew says) prompt you to install an activeX controller - or to turn it on...you should try that before bothering with anything else!)

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This is taken from a web based learning tool that we use at school.


"Microsoft released an update to Windows XP on 11th April 2006. This changes the way that ActiveX controls (which are used throughout the ****** service) function. ****** has adjusted its code in light of this development, and the majority of your ****** service should function as normal. However, to find out what to do if you encounter a problem, read on...


Known issues

A number of issues have been reported following the Active X update. We have fixed some of these already, and are working on the others. See below for further details".


So, it might not be your computer, but the websites you are trying to access....

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Oh dear...over my head again... Gina? Cheese? Pm me and explain...I don't want to be publicly humiliated for my lack of TV knowledge. Last I heard of, he had a talking car called Kit.

I did hear he's a huge recording artist success in Germany? :shock::shock::lol::lol:

Think you might have hit the nail on the head of the problem though grd!

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