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WOOOOOO HOOOOOO!!! 1000 posts!

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hmmm, I'm just gonna start deleting some of Martin's posts for you Helen..... :wink:


You dare and I'll walk!




As far as the US forum....... :wink::lol:

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Not too good at the mo. Think I said in the Bank Holiday thread that the company didnt deliver the right length decking planks, so all we have is a shell. *sighs*


Still, have got a nice water feature which works (after shorting out the entire house yesterday...) :oops:

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Mucho mucho embarassment - hubbie just came in sniggering.


Apparently after the last time he got a telling off for using my log in he came on as a guest as I was whipping round the garden chanting '1000 posts, 1000 posts', he came in to see what I was whittering about.


And guess what...


Still, he has to sleep sometime.


MD would sympathise with me...

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