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Bin them or use them?  

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  1. 1. Bin them or use them?

    • Down the drain in one go
    • Use them up first

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That's a difficult one Fleata as I've still got some of my nasty chemical ones sitting under the sink too! I don't want to throw them out or put them down the sink but I don't want to use them either as I love my bicarb, vinegar and borax too much! Mine will stay under the sink!

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Hi Kate

Yes it was your recipe!! :D I've got tea tree and lavender in the one downstairs but I think I may make the kitchen one more lemony - keep the other for the bathrooms. Could you use the one with tea tree on the floors? I have one of those dettol easy mops which needs a refil and I don't want to buy anymore chemicals so thought I could just top the bottle up?

Or is there a better floor cleaner? :?



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I use the tea tree one on the floor and it's fine and works well. I haven't used it with a mop as I keep breaking them so most of the time, I just use a spray and a cloth and go around the floors on my knees (no wonder they're a funny shape!!)


Try experimenting with your oils to get a fragrance you like. Many of the oils have antiseptic properties like lavender, thyme, pine etc so you can mix and match and still have something which will clean your house. I had a recipe for a peppermint floor cleaner which had vinegar in it but the vinegar smell was too overpowering so I tend to just use a few drops of whatever oil I fancy and a squirt of washing up liquid in a bowl of warm water now if I do a really good floor wash!

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I didn't have much left to use when I changed over, what I did have was relegated to the back of the cupboard 'just in case'


The only thing i had in bulk was 2 bottles of Flash for floor cleaning. I am using it because I like the smell, but when it runs out i will be using my Enjo mop and cold water - and perhaps a little spray of the tea tree and lavender spray.

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I'm in the process of changing over and jave decided to use up what I have left - as the damage is still done if the whole lot goes down the sink, particularly in one go :(

But I'm sure I'll get fed up with looking at the ones I hardly use and end up pouring them away :?

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I am finding ecover products brill! I have their floor cleaner, fabric softener, laundry liquid, stain remover, washing up liquid and toilet cleaner




"green people" make my toothpaste, deoderant and moisturiser


and "faith in nature" ake my shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, hand soap


is there a sticky for cleaning recipes?

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