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Martin B

£1.10 paid off eglu debt.

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I have to say, mine have kind of sold themselves. Mums kept coming up to me in the playground (DS had spread the word we have pet chickens :lol: ) asking if they could buy some eggs. The first time anyone asked me how much I'd sell a box of 4 for I just came up with £1, being a nice round number ... with no more thought than that! :?


Now I sell 3 boxes a week, and give away probably 1 or 2 to friends and family, and always seem to have plenty for us !egg!!egg!!egg!!egg!!egg!!egg!!egg!!egg!!egg!


I have a waiting list of several more Mums, but don't want to sell any more as its nice to be able to give them away, and eat lots of scrambled eggs and pancakes ourselves :D



Cookie. xx

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Ours are 15p each and we put the money in an egg box and use it for the girls food, corn, grit, etc. We even managed to pay for Tomisina's recent visit to the vet with it! I always have a waiting list for the eggs and also have plenty for us (fried eggs with dried cure bacon, field mushrooms and fried tomatoes - YUM!) and to give away to friends etc :D

You could sell banties eggs - especially to cake makers :D

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Cookie,that is exactly my thought too.

Plenty for us,enough to give away & some left over to sell as well :P


When my Bantams come,I wonder if I can sell some of those eggs too, or if they will be thought of as too small ?


I bet they look so cute everyone will want to buy some!


Cookie. xx

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