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what is a friendly breed?

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a friend is after a new bunny but wants a friendly breed..




Stevie (her old bunny) has been gone now since Christmas. she doesn't want French Lops cos even though they are soppy they are too big and Stevie (even though only a cross) was quite big enough.


Does anyone know what is a friendly breed? she thought about miniature lops but was told they aren't friendly.

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We used to have a black and white Dutch, he was just fab :D ! you just had to stroke him and he would sit on your knee if you sat down he just jumped on 8) Unfortunately he was killed by a cat :evil: but he left some fantastic memories.


They are not too big and have sticky up ears, they come in black or brown and white I think.


karen x

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When I was a kid I had a black and white dutch and he was gorgeous but we had to have him out down at a very young age :cry:


Later I got a netherland dwarf which was pure evil in a bunny suit :evil:


Later even than that I had a brown and white dutch who lived with a guinea pig and she was fine until the guinea pig died, and because it was me that removed the guinea pig from the cage she wouldn't let me near her growling and biting :shock: In the end I had to give her to my SIL because I just couldn't handle her at all - that was some grudge :lol:

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Our Benj is a giant french lop and can be playful at times but he has got a temper, but even thats quite funny, mini french lops are goreous, no nasty bone in them and they dont grow very big either, our barni was a mini french lop and was happy sitting on your knee or just lying down being stroked, we had a dutch as well before that (Twinkle) she was absolutely fab she was, cried my eyes out when she died, she had a galstone and had to be put down, but she was nice as pie, lovely temprement.

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