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I have fixed the gallery but unfortunately I have lost the usernames and password which means you will have to register again. I don't know how to recover them sorry,


Please let me know if anything is not working.





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My magic powers have gone! I've got no magic wand for the gallery at the moment so you're on your own everyone! I've asked James nicely if I can have them back :wink: ! My username and password didn't exist so I've had to re-register. Looks like you have had a lucky break Sarah!

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Woooh ha ha ha :lol::lol: , woooh ha ha ha :lol::lol: - sorry, please excuse the maniacal laughter - my super powers have been restored - world domination beckons :wink:.


Any problems with the gallery folks, please let me know!


PS - the empty album in the gardening section can't be deleted for some reason. James and I have had a go at wand waving to no avail. Sorry about that. Must be made from Kryptonite :shock: !

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