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I can't believe how well behaved and quiet they are! I'm sure that won't last! :roll:

I watched big brother and kept looking out the window as it was going dusk.

After it was over I went out to put them to bed and they were already in bed, as quiet and as good as anything! Ahhh bless. They are really, really cute!

I may give them a bit of sweetcorn tomorrow afternoon for being so good! You never know i may even have an egg for breakfast - hubby is waiting in hope! Omlet man did think that Rita was laying and possibly Audrey. It will be a while with Blanche yet as she has only goit little tiny points for her comb and it's really pale. She's my baby!

The cat ' Holly' is in tonight too, on my bed. She is so scared of the chooks!


I wonder what tomorrow will bring. Oh and yes.....I did literally watch them all day. They are fascinating - hubby & neighbours love them too!

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Glad to see your eglu and hens arrived. They sound gorgeous! It surprised me, how quiet and sweet natured the chickens are. Those pink eglu's are so cool :!: My husband didn't want a pink one, but the blue one we got is nice too. A word of warning- Your housework will suffer as a result of either being glued to your new pets outside or being on here, chatting :!:

Any-way sounds like your doing great- keep up the good work :!:

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No eggs yet - only one without a shell this morning in the nest box.

They keep making greeting noises when we go near them, it's lovely.

They do have a spot of the trots, but so would I if I was getting used to new surroundings. I looked for some Oats at the supermarket, but they had none left. Does anything else thicken them up? I have got weetabix and bran flakes in?

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thanks for the info - the poops are all normal & as they should be! They seem very happy chooks and Audrey thanks us with an egg a day since 2nd July! :D

Rita's laid 2 and then decided to take a break!

Blanche is still studying whilst Audrey lays, she not quite old enough yet, but she wants to learn....her poor little comb is so tiny! :D

I couldn't imagine life without the chooks now, think I'll always have some chickens!

Hubby adores them and always comes in with some veg for them when he's been out & about!

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