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My mother has asked me to find out if there's any way of getting rid of weeds (not very green I know :roll: ) without using a chemical weedkiller. She pulls most of them up but there are the odd few plants that insist on staying put.


It's just typical that the chickens won't eat them!


Any ideas?



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I haven't found anything Becki - I hand weed most weeds but I did buy a small gas operated, 'weed wand' which burns the weeds. It's very good. You just attach a small gas canister to it, ignite and blast the weeds.


You have to be careful in areas where you've laid black polypropolene sheet under gravel to keep weeds supressed - it sets fire to it :oops:


Now that we've moved to the farm - we need a flame thrower and not a weed wand :?


PS - it cost around £25


I found this one.....

see here


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Becki - if the weeds are growing through paving or gravel I've found with the deep-rooted ones the answer is to pour a kettle of boiling water over them (you may have to do this a few times). It probably wouldnt be a good idea in a flowerbed though as you'd also kill the plants you do want to keep!




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