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Sawadee ka from Thailand

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Hopefully I'm the the most far afield omletter so far (correct me if I'm worng).


I'm writing this froim Bangkok airport - after 2 weeks in the lovely Thai sunshine!


Even though I haven't been in the UK I still haven;t been able to resist the omlet board!


Anyway, must sign off, a plane to catch.......

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I am desperate to get back to the forum as I'm missing you all when I'm at work -will hopefully be able to get 20 mins or so to get to the terminal and steal some Wifi and say hello!


But I doubt it.


Very nearly managed to get in a cyber cafe in Brighton though but they wouldn't let Molly in :(

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Hi All,


Back in a very sunny UK now - and my chickens are all fine except Penny is still broody - 7.5 weeks now.


Any suggestions to cure this now - as I don't think the catch it early can count now! Tried dunking on day 1 of broodiness and that didn't work either.


Is the broody cage the only option - or will she ever stop on her own?????

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Vicki glad you had a nice holiday..............7.5 weeks is a long time for your hen to be broody she should just come out of it herself I have found if Bunty can't sit on the nest or any eggs for any length of time she soon gives up.

You could try the an anti-broody cage I found it only took 48 hours to cure my broody using this method but make sure it is in a shady spot and provide lots of water. I am not sure what else to suggest really but if you are consistent with the egg collecting and moving her on when she sits she may well just snap out of it...............Good luck.

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