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advice on naming Albums

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Sometimes the gallery is an evil beast and won't play properly. If you can't name your album, let me know what name you want for it and I can do it for you. It's a very strange thing - some of us can access other people's albums but not our own! I can do most things now so it's not a problem!

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Right, about naming albums - I meant to tell you how to do it but as I say, sometimes the gallery is a beast and won't let you do it. If you are logged in to the gallery and go into the album you've created, there should be a drop down menu on the right hand side which says "admin options". If this is clicked so all the options appear, there should be one that says "properties". If this is clicked a big box comes up with a whole load of different things on it - the top one is rename the album and you just type in what you want then click "apply" or "submit" or whatever it says right at the bottom of the box. This should rename your album.


If when you click the "admin options" drop down menu and only a couple of options appear, the gallery is up to its tricks again and you'll need to let me know so that I can rename it for you. This is quite normal!!!


Technology :roll: !

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I have a bit of a problem sometimes when people name their albums - I can't remember who has chickens named X or Y and in the case of 'First day out' or whatever I'd be thinking 'Whose first day out'?


I try to use my name in the title unless I really don't want people to know who it belongs to - as in my 'mugshot' :lol::lol::lol:

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Gina, what lovely photos. A bit embarrassed to say but I was reading this topic & saw the words gorgeous hunk & went straight off to have a look :shock::oops: Sorry, see what you mean 8)

Chickens, I went to look at your chickens. They're beautiful, and really good to have a record of their 1st day out. Love the pic with the tortoise!

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Thanks Trish,


I like our ceramic toistoise, it's amazing how many people think it's real :wink:


We've re-housed the girls today in a permanent place, with log edging and bark chippings and they love it. They've been out with us in the garden pottering about all day and we are really begining to see their personalities.


Thelma plucked (pardon the pun) the courage up to jump onto my knee for some sweetcorn, then louise HAD to have a go because Thelma had.


We made a net enclosure with some 2m x 8m netting and some canes and it cost us £6.00 - bargain - and it works perfectly. (I think the netting was pond covering from Wilko's.)


I'll stop talking about the chickens now as 1) my cat has just walked in the room and is feeling left out - some TLC required and 2) I don't want to bore you too much :lol:

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