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How do you transport them?

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I am toying with taking the chickens (or two of them, at least) to Samuels day nursery for the children to meet.


However, barring a mercy dash to the vet (in a Laithwaites box) I havent had to move them at all.


Whats the best thing to transport them in for that kind of visit?

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Henfield Poultry (I think) sell nice cardboard carry boxes which are pretty cheap.

My vets sell them too,so phone around,you may be able to pick one up.

It has a proper carry handle,rather than having to hold the entire box,ventilation holes,& is good & sturdy.

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I use an apple box. You know the old fashioned ones with two boxes that slip inside one another. We turn it upside down and use the holes in the bottom bit as airholes and then layer the bottom with lots of newspaper and then shredded paper. They love it.


We did this when we got Muddles and Henrietta and when we lifted the lid off they were dozing and didn't want to get out of it!

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Thanks for all the tips. I suppose I shouldnt worry about using an old wine box - after all, they came to me in a crate about that size!


Its all pie in the sky at the moment, but hopefully i will be able to pull it off. I'm only worried in case the chooks a) escape from me and poo or panic b) peck a child and cause a multi-million pound law suit :shock: c) flap around like mad when I try to get them back in the box :roll:


The things I do... :roll:

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