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Just had to post - my reply on the Auboise on the chicken forum got me thinking. Since I have had my chickens last sept/october we have slowly gone greener and more self sufficient we also recycle a lot more. I have just worked out I am about £15.00 a week better off - all thanks to the tips and advice posted on here.


we make our own bread now

we grow our own fruit / veg / salad

we are also cooking at home a lot more (thanks to the marvelous recipies)

Use Auboise for cats and chickens this saving alone is £4.50 a week


Also just saw Kate's posting on Soap making just think of the savings there as well


Not only are we better off money wise but healthier and happier - and its all down to omlet and 3 chickens - and of course you guys for making these forums what they are (sorry fluffy moment gone now)

Anyways THANK YOU - by this time next year might be able to give up work at this rate.



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Hi Lyn - glad you are getting a lot from this forum - it's great isn't it?


I think we may have been making some savings but unfortunately - no, fortunately - we were led off in the direction of buying a smallholding and many more animals so we are now thousands of pounds in debt :lol::lol: - but a whole lot happier!

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