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Martin B

Tomatoes and Strawberries- Help needed

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My tomatoes are continuing to grow well but the bottom layer of leaves are turning yellow! It looks quite bizarre, is it normal? I think it may be because they have been moved slightly but by no more that 1/2metre. When bonsai trees are moved they shed their leaves and some go yellow. Is it a similar thing.


I have also elevated my strawberries so that the chooks do not eat them or get to them before I do. The actual plant is growing over the pot and trailing down the stack of chairs it is on. Will these result in more strawberries later in the year? Also the leaves in which I have picked strawberries from are beggining to obtain brown spots- any ideas?


Kind Regards


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I've grown quite few tomatoes and the yellowing of the leaves is normal, just make sure there getting lots of water at least twice a day in this weather with food regulary.


Can't help on the bonsai though.



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A lot of gardeners recommend removing the lower leaves on tomatoes even if they are not going yellow as it lets extra light in around the lower fruits and helps them to ripen.


I've done it every year, can't swear it really makes a difference but it hasn't done any harm.



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