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You lot :wink: Hello magazine Kate.Oh darling can I wear my poop trousers! :wink:


seriously though I was so fed up last year in january as our cat was dying of cancer and Katie our boxer was getting to the point of sad goodbyes, I decided I needed to get off my bottom and do something constructive otherwise that dark cloud might just come back to visit. :shock:


So hens and all this is what happened after March the 14th when I saw the BHWT on TV. The piece in Organic Life is about what happened. :D


I just love seeing harrie in the washing up bowl as I love that pic :D



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As well as Buffie's lovely article and picture ( :) ) there is an article about an organic poultry farm in Kent. This is a bit of what it says:

'a healthy happy hen will lay at least one egg every day'

'At Jubilee Farm, 109-115 eggs are collected from 100 hens every day.'


How can that be right? That sounds more like battery hens. Explain please someone!

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I didn't really think that! But have a look at page 61. I can accept a typo about a healthy hen laying [at least] once a day, but the egg collection is harder to see. Perhaps the reporter got the wrong end of the stick?

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Right Martin I've looked so I can send Jane a copy and can't see it so because I subscribe I have it early, I think. They have it in waitrose and wh smith.


Ginette sorry I can't fully answer yet but having just received 'The Ranger' I can see that light is used for production so this could be the reason. When I meet with the egg inspector, now due in a couple of weeks, I can perhaps find out the facts.


My belief is that it is vital to hi-light the caged system as being

unacceptable or the public will think oh it doesn't matter what sort of eggs or products I buy as the hens are all treated the same and it is simply not true. That belief will not change production in this country and will allow cheap imports to flood the market, the welfare is far worse than our caged systems too.


Here's another point to consider, I've actually really started to see the broody hen as having a well deserved rest it gives them a 'break' and the more natural a life they have the more likely a broody spell is, even with a hybrid. For the free range farmer this is also a problem and perhaps even more so for the Organic farmer. With this in mind they have to earn a living and have to make the production efficient. That's why I love having my hens eggs knowing they do just as they please :wink:


We've all had a moan that our hens aren't laying much so it's just a matter of seeing the other side, that of the farmer.


When I get more info I'll post this in the BHWT sticky. :wink:



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I got a copy of Organic Life today!


It took me a long time to find the article, maybe because I have got thte wrong edition! :evil:


I went through it all thoroughly until I noticed the coming next month page:


- Where does our food come from?

The truth about Poultry and eggs! :roll:


The actual magazine comes out on 20th July. The day I'm going to Portugal! :roll:


Oh well, I'll try and get it when I come back!

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