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Loss of status!

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I was just standing next to my son, both peering in the fridge to find something for him to have for lunch, as I'm about to dash out elsewhere. Only for us to both suddenly notice that he's now taller than me. I swear I was still the taller of us both yesterday, but now he's definitely taller than me :shock: I made him stand next to me in front of the mirror, and it's true :(

I suppose it was only to be expected, I'm only 5'5'', and hubby's 6'2''-ish, but suddenly I feel small. I guess it won't be long before he's towering above me :roll:

It came as quite a shock though :roll::lol::lol::lol::lol:

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I'm nearly there with Tom, Kate. It's not nice when they start to tower over you, is it!! Both me and LSH aren't particularly tall so both boys are bound to be bigger than us. I remember my Mum who is very small being patted on the head by my strapping little brother when she'd told him off about something :lol::lol::lol: !

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How old is he Kate?

My 13 year old daughter is taller than me now,& the 11 year old is just a shade off :?

They both have the same size feet as me too...5.5 :shock:

I am only 5.5 like you,& The Hubby is 6.3 too.


Even scarier - the eldest daughter is tall,slim,blonde & leggy.

It is HORRIBLE to see men & boys looking her up & down........

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Thanks Gina - how to make us all feel younger :roll: - it will happen to you all too soon :lol:


My daughter insisted for months that she was taller than me when she was 13 - I was in denial until the holiday photos came back :?:lol: (I'm 5'5" - she's 5'9")


My son pats me on the head as well - he's 6'2" :roll:

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Thanks Gina - how to make us all feel younger


:lol: Sorry Lesely - you don't need me to make you feel younger though do you :wink:


I've only been a Mum for 7 weeks and I feel 10 years older already....


Stefan has got really big feet. He's going to be a GIANT!!

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Big feet seem to be a trend these days. I'm convinced that children's feet are growing completely out of synch with the rest of their bodies.

Seb's 14, height 5'5'' and a bit with size 10 feet.... most of his mates have even bigger feet, he considers his quite small in comparison :shock:

I'm size 5.5, daughter age 13, and a few inches shorter still is in the same size shoes.... the number of times I lose my favourite silver pumps only to find them in her room :roll::roll:

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