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Solar Panels

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I see in the Mail that Currys are to sell solar panels, which would cost £9k to supply and fit for a 3 bedroomed house. Brilliant news!


But WHEN will the government insist that developers install them into all new developments (together with grey water collection systems). That would bring the price of these systems down and make it more realistic for those of us who wanted to install them in existing properties. That would mean less of a demand on the national grid and gas suppliers, so they'll have to bring their prices down too.


Am I over-simplifying things, or is the government being dim?

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How come we had a brand new central heating system including top of the range condensing boiler, 2 new gas fires, pipes laid all through the house for a similar cost of 1 solar panel :evil:


It should be compulsary to have grey water collection and solar panels installed in all new housing developments, especially in areas where there is a severe water shortage.


We would love to have solar panels, but they are too cost prohibitive, as we don't intend staying where we are to justify the outlay

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We would certainly have solar panels,but simply couldn't afford it at that price :?


It may be like flat screen TV's - give it a few years & the price will plummet :D


Really the Government should give us all grants towards the supply & fitting of solar panels,shouldn't they?

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