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Hempcore -Brilliant!!

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I have beentrying for a while to trace a supplier of Aubiose to try in my run instead of Bark as some of you really enthuse about it.

Anyway, as I seem to live in a "black hole" when it comes to anything remotely country-fied (this goes for Organic as well) I was pleased to trace a farm supplies who offered to get me the english version "Hempcore" instead. At £6.95 a bale, I thought it well worth trying.


It's brilliant!



I used to spend ages "poop-scooping" messy bark out of the run. Now it just seems to get enveloped with the hempcore and I occasionally have to rake bits out but that's all. Also....BIG BONUS....as any poop gets covered with the bits quite quickly, there hasn't been any problem with flies buzzing round new droppings that happened before - especially more, the hotter the weather got.

I did read on the bag that it was impregnated with citronella but there's no apparent scent so it's probably only mild.


Anyway. I'm impressed.

I've only used about 1/10th of the contents of the bale so it should last ages. I also wondered how it would get on in the wet as if you look at it , it looks not unlike shredded paper. But it was fine, got a little damp but dried out so quickly afterwards.


So as you can tell from this post, I thought it worthwhile to let others know about it and perhaps try it for themselves.

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Great to hear from you Sarah!


I understand that Hemcore and Aubiose are exactly the same. I find that Aubiose doesn't get soggy in the rain - it seems to have a kiln dried type of effect to it that stops it absorbing moisture. It looks a bit grubby sometimes when the chooks have been turning it over, but it doesn't get soggy like bark. I also use it in the poo tray and nest woth great success. The bunnies have it in their hutch too.


The wormery I bought from you is doing fine, thanks! It started off slowly, but they are now up into the 2nd layer and there's some lovely compost in the bottom already :D


Love to you both


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