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ripe tomatos

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They look lovely, Laura - what variety are they? They look a bit like Gardeners Delight? Mine have been coming for a while now and they're lovely. We grew three varieties this year - yellow Tumbling Toms, Money Maker and Gardeners Delight and they're all doing well, particularly the old reliable Tumbling Toms.




Runner beans have been fab too! We've managed to have a good serving every day for the last few weeks. Delicious!!

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They look lovely Laura, I bet they'll be absolutely delicious :D Somehow no bought tomatoes, no matter how fresh or organic or whatever can ever taste as good as home grown.

My tomatoes have hit a disaster this year- they were doing so well, small, and unripe of course, but growing well and looking good, then we went on holiday and MIL, who moved in for pet & garden care duties, remembered the grow bag of toms on the patio.... but forgot all the rest. So they all died through lack of food & watering. I'll be lucky if we get a dozen home grown ones this year :cry:

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They look good. My tomatoes are growing well and definitely growing bigger than the cherry tomatoes they were sold to us as. Problem is ours must be a late vatriety and are still rather green and solid. My runners are starting to produce beans, but they are only about a cm long!

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