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Underwiring the eglu on grass

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Can I just check out from people who have their eglu & run on the lawn and have put wire under it: has this caused the chickens any problems with their feet? Any injuries? And has it significantly reduced damage to the lawn?


I rang up to order a rabbit underwire from Omlet yesterday, but they were a bit apprehensive about selling me one to protect the lawn from scratching, as thats not what the wire is designed for. But I am worried about letting the hyper-scratchy Matilda holiday on my sister's end-of-summer lawn...

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I use some weldmesh panels to protect some areas in the chicken garden from their attentions. It's not the stuff you buy on a roll, it's much sturdier and the holes are about 2in square. It means they get access to the grass but can't dig down to Australia, so the roots don't get destroyed and the grass grows back again. I don't know what the mesh is on the omlet version, but some companies do sell scratch mats specifically for their chicken runs - Forsham is one I know of. I think I remember someone on here saying they use mesh and it's dramatically reduced the damage. If you're worried about the metal being a bit much, what about the plastic mesh you can buy for climbing plants? If you peg that down it should achieve the same thing and it will be soft on their little tootsies too :lol: Homebase stock it at around the £15 mark.

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Thanks for all your suggestions and enquiries!


I think the run will have to go on the grass. There is a patio but its right outside the house, and one of the cats is likely to be terrified of the chickens, so it'll be kinder to him to have it a little further away.


I've just checked the Forsham website, and their Romany chicken coop does seem to come with a 2"x 2" mesh, but they dont say what its made of. Maybe I should ring them tomorrow.


I expect the omlet wire is coated metal, like the rest of the run. I think they said it had a 3"x4" mesh.


I actually have a mass of plastic mesh. We tried to use it to protect our lawn when we'd re-seeded it, but it didn't work: the problem then was birds pecking up the seed rather than scratching it though. But I suspect that mesh is so fine that if it was under the run it'd just crumple up and be a nightmare when the run was moved around. And also the chooks might get tangled up in it. And that would worry me.


Did you use wire mesh noeglu? Where is grd? I think he said he'd used wire mesh....

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