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BHWT Silent auction. AND THE WINNER IS......

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i.e. Lesley :lol::lol:



I have just spent some money on a watercolour that Liz did and 3 keyrings.


I will be monitoring the situation though.


Just think that 4 months ago I was s"Ooops, word censored!"ing together all my pennies to make 50p towards my eglu. Now 4 months on I am a full Omleteer, 6th highest in the post rankings, have a green eglu and green rablu, 3 rabbits and 2 chickens. Quite a transformation. I also buy all the chicken things I see, or someone buys them for me. :lol:

I suppose I'll have to s"Ooops, word censored!"e together some pennies for a bid too.

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Not fed up at all.... Martin, I can just imagine you running around, emptying pockets, searching through pots and drawers for extra cash that might be laying around..... but you have to remember that this embroidery would be £'s and £'s to buy............

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No Martin - we can't!!!


Just get on with it :roll:


You tell Annie what you want to bid - she will tell you if you have the current highest bid - or if you need to bid again. Just don't bid more than you can afford.


The idea is that an item will reach a high price with the proceeds going to the charity. The fun is not knowing what others are bidding :D

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