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BHWT Silent auction. AND THE WINNER IS......

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Hello Folks!


I have been in contact with Helen Drewitt, an incredibly talented embroiderer.

She is a hen keeper and so I've nagged her into giving an embroidery to raise money with! Now, this is for sale for an awful lot of money: It is unique,




I have taken delivery of it this morning and it is just beautiful!



As this is worth such a lot, and having spoken to James, we are going to hold a silent auction.

If you would like this lovely little picture (7 inches square, including frame) pm me with the amount you are willing to pay for it. I will be taking it along to the Omlet get together on Saturday for people to see it. The highest bidder by Sept 1st gets it. So come on, its all for a very worthwhile cause. :D


Just to reiterate: You don't have to be going to the Omlet gathering to put in a bid.. I will send it to the highest bidder after Sept 1st, so get those pm's flying...

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Thanks Annie and every penny will go towards the rescue (buying the hens) feeding them, giving them any medical care they need and providing a safe journey from farm to re homing and also providing housing! That's just a few ways your money is spent...Thanks in advance and dig deep for the hens! :D


Love Buffie xx

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