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BHWT Silent auction. AND THE WINNER IS......

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It's an auction for charity Martin :!: They always raise a lot of money, that is why they are done.


Bidders are willing to pay more than the item is worth just because it is a charity they believe in. Auctions are held at charity dinner for instance and things with a face value of a few pounds can be sold for hundreds, crazy you may think, but it's just a fun way of giving a donation.


Hope you are enjoying it Martin, keep raking out those coins from between the sofa cushions and placing your bids 8):wink:

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Yes, I thought mine was a mess until I saw Carl's. It's worse than yours Mel :shock::?




good grief :shock::shock::shock:


mind you I thought mine was bad untill last time we took Pauls to the garage for its MOT and service. The garage always valet it (its annual birth whether it needs it or not.....). When I picked it up they left a note with the receptionist that they "had done their best to clean it". :roll: obvoiusly couldnt get through the ankle deep crumbs, two fossilised (spelling?!) banannas and some old sticky sweets under the drivers seat :roll:

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