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BHWT Silent auction. AND THE WINNER IS......

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Can't say who is winning at present, but lets just say she's a regular forum user.... :wink:



that'd be the figs then? was that part of the questionnaire??



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Yaaay :!:


Making a space on the wall and will phone the bank about an overdraft :wink:


I'm so pleased :D Bet you didn't think it was me Martin :lol:



I saw a charity auction on TV last night and a jar of honey was being sold for £600




Many thanks for orgainisng this Annie, a great fun way to support a brilliant cause :!::D

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Thank you to all who bid on this item, it shows what a generous bunch of people we are... just a shame we all couldn't have won!


I also want to thank Helen Drewitt, for her generosity in donating this lovely embriodery.

If, like me, you have fallen in love with her work, please do check her out by clicking on her name. It would be great if she was made aware of how admired her work was... she might be willing to donate to the BHWT again...... :lol:


Just to remind you all, this is what Lesley Jean will be receiving in the post in a couple of days....





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