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Just ordered my Eglu

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Hello everyone,


This seems such a happy forum, I'm getting my Eglu in a couple of weeks, and I'm a real novice. We have two Golden Retrievers under a year old, and i am wondering how they will all get on. Also we do feed wild birds, and i have read wild birds can spread disease. Can any one advise me on this? Also i was thinking of getting some battery hens, but not sure if this is a good idea for a novice, or where to find them. :D

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Hello and welcome.


Don't worry too much about garden birds. You can't keep them and chickens apart, no matter how hard you try! If you worm your chickens regularly, you shouldn't have any problems. I do mine every 6 months and also check them over for mites and lice regularly and they're fine!


As for battery hens, try checking out www.thehenshouse.co.uk where they rescue ex-batteries. They are spreading out over the country so you might find someone near you.

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If you search the forum while you are waiting for your eggciting event, you'll find some info about dogs and hens. The search button on the top bar is very good. I wouldn't anticipate major problems with golden retrievers, terriers and alsations seem to have been most keen to have live dinners, but there is advice on introducing them gradually and never letting them all be alone together until you are 100% certain of what your dogs will do.


I actually have my bird table in the run, and several wood pigeons come and nosh my girls grain every day. We even had one young gormless starling trying to move into the eglu with the girls! I check mine for parasites and worms, and so far all clear. I haven't used a wormer yet - no sign of any at all in poop or girl's condition - but now you can get some that don't stop you eating the eggs for a week or so, regular worming like a dog might be a good idea if you are worried. The main thing is to get vaccinated hens (if getting yours through omlet they will be) since wild birds can spread nasty viral diseases but these should be covered by the vaccination.


Good luck and do let us know how you get on :D

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Kate and motherhen have just about coverd it, so just relax and enjoy them when they arrive.the dogs shouldnt be a problem if you are careful, mine arent. there are threads here all about dogs and chickens, have a read in advance, good luck and enjoy! :lol:

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