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Wine online! *hic*

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I've been making my way though a case of wine from Majestic Wines which for the price is a good deal. Pretty good stuff so far, only had 2 of the 3 whites and one red so far but all have been good for the price. Also has the side affect of stopping the flat mate from drinking the decent stuff.




It took a whopping 5 hours from ordering to delivery, thats after I said no rush!


A friend pointed me in the way of


which looks like the place to go if you want a good deal but its only a few places listed.


Any body else know of good places to go for wine? Really dont fancy do the france trip again this year.


I'm off to sit in a dark room with ear plugs.



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You could try some home brewing - would obviously take a bit longer than 5 hours, but think of the pleasure you would take in drinking a glass of home-made!

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when I was growing up, we had a couple of apple trees and a pear tree in our back garden that would produce the most un-eatable fruit I've ever come accross, but made the most palatable vino, thanks to my dad!


He tried maiking wine from oranges the year I was born, and kept 2 bottles to be opened on my 21st - absolutely disgusting (apparantly) in 1971, tasted almost like brandy in 1992!


Boy was there some sore heads the day after THOSE bottles!

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We use www.privatecellar.co.uk a great company.


They take a couple of days to deliver as the wine is stored in London , and they are based in Cambridgeshire, - but it is well worth the wait - as it is delcious.


They are really good to talk to - and you say what you like - and they will recommmend wines. A great deal of experience in the industry - most of them used to work for Corney and Barrow - but have struck out on there own and only been running a year.


Definitely worth a call - 01353 721999

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Thanks for the links, I'll have to get a case of decent stuff after this one, its nice enough but you can tell the difference.


I was tempted by Virgin Wines, my work does a deal with them but after speaking with a few collegues they were not overly impressed. I might just have a go anyway.


Home brew is something I had not thought about but I dont think vines would like living in tubs, we can't really dig up the garden to plant some.


Anyone else notice that most of the replies are Mods or Admins?


Thanks again.



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I think there are too many nasturtiums being cast around here about us mods and the amount we drink :wink:



we use the Sunday Times Wine Club - (oh, and Asda, Sainsburys, Tesco, Waitrose, Oddbins, Majestic..............)



I think it all started when we made home brew wine in 6th form for part of a science lesson (whoo hoo my type of lesson!)



Anyone else into Magners cider - yum yum

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The Silver Birch wine was lovely at the Omlet Do! :D:D

Does anyone know where you can get it from? :?


Dont know if its the same stuff but I get Silver Birch wine from Lurgershall Winery,




The Cwm-Deri vineyard in Pembrokeshire also do a silver birch wine, along with many other types. We went there a couple of weeks ago. They're restaurant looks very good, but we only had a cup of tea, sampled a few of their wines and bought a couple of bottles. Their black cherry wine was good.


They've got chickens and goats. :)


edit: oops! meant to add a link http://www.cwm-deri.co.uk/




Richard T

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All livers are evil and must be punished.


I did look at the times wine club, isnt it part of laithwaites? (which are opening staggering distance from my house, thats not going to be pretty!)


We never did anything like making home brew in science, I must have gone to the wrong school.


Not a fan of cider, but Magners with extra ice is pretty good.


Who decided drinking at work was a bad thing?



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