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Well after 2 weeks of checking 3 times a day our girl has finally done us proud. It was perfect just sat in the straw waiting for us.


We are going to soft boil it tonight and fight over it. :D


Should we keep them in or out of the fridge?

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Tiggy laid the egg - she is just 22 weeks:



Pongo is only 15 weeks:



Photos of the egg to follow (after I've eaten it), as the gallery site is up and down like a bride's nightie at the moment.


Guy (lay's other half)

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I was just wondering excuse me if this is a stupid question but why do eggs need to be/can be kept out of the fridge? I keep mine in the fridge and they dont seem to go off ? :?::?:


Preserves the taste, and eggs which are meant to be used for cooking should be room temperature. :wink:

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Its simply that the eggs you will be eating from your chickens will be days old at most. The eggs you buy from a shop are probably at least two weeks old before they even get there. You will notice that even supermarkets don't keep them in coolers: They're simply on a shelf.


There is no need for eggs to be in a fridge, but some people seem to be slightly obsessed with the idea of freshness and would keep everything in a fridge.... hence our needs for these lovely great giant American style ones! (which I lust after myself).


Anyway, Martin's right too: For the best tasting eggs, they should be room temperature before you cook them! :wink:

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