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First double yolker

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Mabel hadn't laid an egg since last weekend. I've kept an eye on her and she's been eating and drinking well and foraging around the garden when I let them out.

However, yesterday when I got home from work in the Eglu was what I can only describe as a monster :shock: It was enormous and covered in a bit of sticky membrane but it was definitely a Mabel egg! Anyway, I wasn't sure if it would be ok to eat so I cracked it into a bowl and was delighted to find a perfectly delicious double yolk egg, with really dark yellow yolks. It smelt ok so I had a fried double yolker with chips for tea - perfect comfort food.


Just wish I'd taken a picture (how sad) but had no batteries in my camera :roll:


Is it normal for hen's to go for a while without laying and then produce a bigger than normal egg?

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Last summer, 2 of mine, Belle and Yoda went through a phase of missing a days lay, then laying a double yolker. They both have stopped now, and I just put it down to them being fairly new at laying, so their bodies still made the odd 'mistake' sometimes.


You occasionally get a double yolker after the chooks get a fright. Our last one was after a thunderstorm - Yoda layed a stonker the next day, with 2 enormous yolks!

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