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Cate in NZ

A question for Claret

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Sorry Shona........ David just doesn't compare :wink:




Wash your mouth out!


David is a sex-god, and doesn't need to get his abs out to get my undying adoration. He just needs to get a skin tight skating costume on....... :D:wink:



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I might have guessed....... want to find the bawdy conversation and gorgeous men......... look in a thread about growing your own potatoes :shock: No wonder I missed it all :roll::wink:




Obvious really!

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When everyone was saying handsome and in pants I was very confused, quickly scrolling past an old man! :lol:


It's Barry Manilow Martin..... a singer from several decades ago, but with an apparently huge fan following.

And somehow he's back...... Graham tinkering again :lol::lol::lol::lol:

This is so funny- what are you all on today :P

(Whatever it is- I want some :wink: )

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