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One Man Banned

Well the chickens like it!

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Got home from work today and a very nice delivery man had left a couple of items under the caravan (at least it's on the drive!)


and the contents?


A bag of Organic Mixed corn, a new grub and glug for it and some of the new Omlet Organic T-Shirts which are really nice!


Of course the chickens haven't had a taste of the Tshirts but they have happily tucked into the mixed corn with lots of clucks of approval


I really do love my laydees!

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Both green and not contrasting in the least I'm afraid


although when I spoke to Jan to order them we were discussing getting pink for the very same reason! (although Joe would have had plenty of :roll::roll::roll: moments had I got Pink!


The TShirts are the plain white/cream coloured and the fabric feels really nice


Joe mentioned to me that of all the pesticides used in the world about 25% is used on cotton and it's about only 5% of the worlds' crop :shock:

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:lol: Well, I had to go and have a look in the shop!

I have 2 T shirts, an old sluge (I mean green) colour, and a hot pink. The latter isn't at all my colour, but certainly gets noticed! :lol:

So, I think you were wise with the cream, it looks great.

Yes, terrible about the pesticides! :shock:

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Stylish and sustainable this bag is such a good excuse to go shopping! Stow one in your handbag for those spur of the moment purchases ("well it was on offer Dear and it is my birthday next month!") or take several with you when you go to the supermarket and cut down on those 'orrible plastic bags!


Taken directly from the Omlet shop.


cut down on those 'orrible plastic bags!



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