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Chooks Aloud

At last I've got my Chooks

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Hi everyone


Yippeeee I've at last got my chooks. We went and picked them up today, as they were always busy and could not deliver for a good while. The chooks were as good as gold on the way home and were nice and relaxed in their boxes and so were easy to pick up and put in the run (once we had got it up - a bit fiddly but we did it in the end).


We've got Dolly (a pretty grey), Darla (a speckled hen) and Chicko (named after the bloke off the telly - my daughter loves him and keeps saying,'What time is it - it's Chico time) a Miss Pepperpot. They seem to like the run and settled in easily. One by one they went into the eglu at dusk - just hope its this easy every night.


I shall be up bright and early tomorrow to let them out and have a chat.


Regards to all my new chicken friends.



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HI Karen, Congratulations. I'm hoping to have my 3 by the end of the day. The eglu is coming by courier and as soon as we've set up we'll go and collect Beauty, Belle and Jasmin - nothing to do with the breed of chicken - Disney Princess thing going on courtesy of Anna (6)! Good luck, Fee

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Hi Karen,what an eventful day! As I posted yesterday I paid next day delivery so waited impatiently till 4 o'clock (I like everything yesterday!) then eglu arrived and we set about putting it together - to be honest i didn't have time to admire it as we dived in the car to collect the girls. The farmer was VERY grumpy and rude - a long story which i'll relate another time! I stared at them in the crate all the way home and they were all cuddled in and kept nodding off. It was getting dark when we got home then we popped them in the run and Anna came back from her grans - she was so excited (and didn't want to change the names!).. Jasmin - the speckledy - went into the nesting tray, lay down and waited for the others! After a few mins Allan clapped his hands and Beauty and Belle popped inside and we shut the door. So,here I am sitting here totally paranoid that our local fox, who passes my front window every night at midnight, will know they are there - and I've already sent Allan outside for a wee! Pics and update tomorrow, cheers, Fee

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