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Martin B

Bit of a mood this morning!

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1st of it looks like we've lost the Tevez and Saviola deals! :(


But last night we had a mini power cut for a few seconds, and unfortunately my computer has not been able to revive! I've lost everything on there, pictures, memories, school work, everything. I didn't think it'd be too serious if I lost everything but now I really do understand the concequences!


Fortunately for all you lot, I've got a computer which we wasn't using, until I can afford a new one!

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There's no immediate need to panic about your data - Aunty E has the best advice - it looks like you have a working computer - you can just plug the old hard drive in as a slave drive - chances are you'll be able to recover your stuff.


Will the old computer not power up properly? If so - you may just have blown the psu - a new power unit is not that expensive - and not that difficult to fit...


good luck,



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Oh Martin :( . I lost everything on my computer a few months ago when the idiots who were repairing it wiped my hard drive without telling me. I lost work, photos, accounts, everything and it's shattering, isn't it. Hope you soon manage to rebuild everything you had on it but it's hard work, I can tell you and some things you just can't replace. As LJ says, back up everything! I have a desk full of CDs with things on as I habitually back up my photos and documents every couple of weeks now. Lesson learned.


Football? :roll::wink:

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