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Eglus in shared/split gardens

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Hi all,


I'm itching to get an eglu but what I can't seem to find out is the situation for people with a split garden, and would be grateful if anyone here knows anything. I have a 1st floor flat and the garden (long but quite narrow) is split with the girl who lives downstairs. The halves are separated only by a concrete path. It's a leasehold, and I'm wondering whether it's likely to be forbidden. I would of course consult her but need to know first whether it's technically forbidden or not.


Also wondering about foxes - my colleague's best friend had his eglu raided by foxes, so it can't be entirely fox-proof. We have a lot of foxes, even during the day, so it's a point that I really need to look into.


Anything you know very happily received!

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I think you'd have to look closely on your lease to see if you can keep livestock. If you can, then I would imagine, if your neighbour doesn't object, then there wouldn't be a problem.


Regarding foxes, I have never heard of anyone on the forum having a chicken taken from the Eglu by a fox, as if the hens are shut away in it, it is fox proof!

There's lots of info on the forum about foxes, so if you can go ahead, maybe it would be worth your while reading through some of these threads....

Good luck!

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We know of one fox getting into an Eglu run and taking the hens. The run had been placed on very soft earth and was therefore easy to dig in to on the corner where it meets the eglu. We have never heard of an eglu being broken in to by a fox. Can you give us any more information Pavlova :?:


You should check your lease as Annie says and if they are allowed make sure the hens stay in your part of the garden :D

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Thanks both. I will check my lease but the problem is it's at my parents' house and I have to wait for it to be sent. I'm being impatient, though! I just can't wait to get started!


The colleague's friend said it was dug into by the foxes. My colleague doesn't know more detail, like which bit of it etc, but will find out for me.

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The chickens are totally safe in the eglu at night, if the door is shut. Not only was Andrew very unlucky in having a fox dig under the run, but being summer the eglu door was open and so the chickens were 'sitting ducks' :shock::cry:


Whether to leave the door open or not is a decision each owner has to arrive at themselves. Many do and some don't. It seems chickens learn to wait quietly until 'opening time' arrives.

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