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Steve Irwin dies of Sting Ray shot to the chest

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I am so shocked & upset about this.


We were big fans of his documentaries (not the movies!) here in the Ashley household,& thought he was just hysterical.

His were about the only wildlife programmes I could get my girls to watch ,& he is the reaon Cleo wants to work with animals one day.


He seemed like a nice bloke,& was really enthusiastic about wildlife.......


I must admit thw whole thing has an air of the enivitable about it - he was a bit of a nutter !!! :lol:


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Yes I agree with you Sarah. It was a tragedy waiting to happen. But we are very sad and shocked here too. We loved his programmes and admired his incredible knowledge. I wonder if his wife will carry on?

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It is soooo sad :(


Just said on the telly that the same thing happened back in 1959, so it was a bizarre tragic accident. He has done so much conservation work. I know he could be a bit of a showman but he has got a new generation interested in animals/wildlife, as Sarah said. I just feel for his wife and children :(


I still feel a little shocked that it has happened :(

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:( I'm sure he will be missed by all.

But you kinda think it had to happen one day, especially with all the risks he took.

The world will be less interesting without him,thats for sure.


The sad thing is, he DID take risks, but to die from a stingray sting is a freak accident. A Stingray would normally flea from a human rather than attack, hence the fact that no-one has been killed by a stingray since the forties or fifties (I can't remember which at the moment).


He took massive risks with his own life, and perhaps sometimes with the lives of people around him, but he has brought wildlife to a whole new generation of children, and will be remembered for a long time. My boys loved his programmes, and were really quite upset this morning when they heard the news.

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He will certainly be greatly missed :( Even by the crocs


He seemed to be a very genuine man, who loved what he was doing


I am sure he will be missed by all who knew him, as his enthusiasm for what he did will leave a huge gap.


Hopefully his wife and colleagues will be able to carry on most of his work.


I also think that his daughter has done some presenting on TV in Australia, so she may have inherited at least part of her fathers obvious love of all things ecological :(

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