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craven fowl

Pictures of Ruby & Betty

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Hello Everyone,


Pictures of Ruby & Betty, the (11 week old) babies.


I say babies, I have two cats who are 4 and 3 years old that are still referred to as kittens!


Got the camera/computer working. Sorry the pictures are huge and not in the gallery. It has taken me hours to figure it out so far. I am not sure how to put them in the gallery yet from photobucket.com/desktop on my laptop.


Hope you like them. I will try and sort an album out.






PS: Welcome Cabbage Patch!

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Thanks for all your lovely comments.


They are both sisters, 75% araucana and 25% maran. Their mum is a pure bred blue araucana, and their dad is a grey araucana/maran cross.


My mum-in-law, for whom we got the chicks (in exchange for home-made chocolate bownies and a bottle of wine) reckons that, as they have the body shape and interesting hair do of the araucana breed, they should produce blue eggs. However, as they are a quarter maran, they might throw the odd egg through the winter, which I believe pure bred araucanas don't do.


Betty seems to have got the araucana colouring, but Ruby seems to have the maran colouring. It is hard the explain to non-chicken owning friends that are actually sisters, as they look nothing like each other, though they are both anyone's for a grape!


Listen to me harp on about my little chickens! Though oddly enough, I don't feel too barking doing so on this forum!




Marie x

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Oops, sorry about that.


I realised that I put the pictures in my signature bit, not the post. I then removed them, but thought that it would keep them in my original post. Please find the pictures of Ruby and Betty below. Sorry again!







they are gorgeous....I really like their hairstyles....your chickens and mine are the same age (12 weeks)...but yours are much prettier than mine!!

my girls are at that in-between stage where they dont look like cute chicks and they dont look like hens yet either!

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