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'Debt Ad' Campaign

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I was sent this by email and thought others on here might be interested, please just have a look and see what you think.


"Debt: Not in front of the children" campaign


Launch of a petition/campaign to stop debt ads on childrens TV .


Debt adverts on childrens' television channels, especially for secured loans, are a disgrace. The TV channels responsible should immediately stop showing them.


Sign the petition: www.moneysavingexpert.com/not4kids



Children’s TV channels are advertising high-interest loans aimed at families that find it hard to get cheaper credit, and with the possibility of losing their house. Nearly a third of children are repeating the slogans, and a tenth actually pester parents into getting such loans.


One Mother's Quote: "My partner wants to buy a car. My eldest son (age eight) pipes up "go to Yes Car Credit, as anyone can get a car off them". I said "oh yes, and what exactly should we use to pay them back?" and he said "don't worry, they make sure it's an affordable monthly payment".


The Campaign (letters, MPs and petition)


This morning I wrote letters to the Chief Execs of the Children's TV Channels asking them to withdraw these ads immediately, plus Member of Parliament for Stoke-on-Trent South Rob Flello is supporting the campaign and has written an Early Day Motion in Parliament calling for Children’s TV channels to stop showing adverts for lending companies.


Please sign the petition


To help add pressure, please sign the petition against these ads, just go to www.moneysavingexpert.com/not4kids


More info


Full article about the campaign: Debt: not in front of the children

Sign the petition: www.moneysavingexpert.com/not4kids

More about MoneySavingExpert.com

Ask a question and/or discuss the campaign.



IMPORTANT: Please read why this needs forwarding to everyone you know

This is a campaign against adverts, which means it's possible many newspapers and broadcasters won't cover it (many of the same people fund them). Thus people power is needed. Please try and get this e-mail to every UK adult online! The more petition signatories, the more chance we have of stopping this disgrace




Martin Lewis

Money Saving Expert


I didn't realise any of this was going on :oops:


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Thanks for passing that on - have signed up. May just be my server/browser but I had to copy the url from the verification email into my bar in sections - but it worked doing it that way, so if anyone else has problems that's a poss solution.


I think all these 'borrow money to have a lifestyle you can't really afford' adverts are shocking. Am I just old fashioned? I was brought up to spend according to my means and there was no shame in having less than other people in the way of expensive clothes, cars and holidays. I find the levels of debt amongst very young adults most worrying - they are learning habits that will cause them lifelong stress.

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Jane, I am of an age that also feels that it is wrong to fund a lifestyle in this way. I didn't want to put too much in my original post but feel just the same way.

I was appalled when my daughter told me about it and asked her to forward it. She is 33 and as you know, my grandchildren are 7 and nearly 5. They watch very little TV here (and not much at home) so I didn't realise it was happening.

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