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Lovely day at the Village Show!

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Yesterday we went to the Village Flower Show in my father-in-law's village and had a brilliant time! We entered lots of items, and (for the first time ever!) won a prize for every one! (Maybe it was a quiet year for entries!) :D:D:D



6 Eggs (brown) First prize!!!! Thanks to Petunia, Misty and Jenny!

One fruit and one flower First prize!! (a passion fruit and a passion flower)

Rich fruit cake Second prize

Dessert apples Third Prize (v proud as there were a lot of entries)


My mum:

Marmalade Third prize (best marmalade in the world... what were they thinking?!!):lol:



Picture of "Birds in my Garden" under 10 First and Second prizes (well, they were the only entries...) the birds included the hens, of course... :?:)

Floating garden (under 12) First and Third Prizes

Buttonhole (under 12) First prize


Then we bid for some great fruit, veg, scones and jam at the Auction at the end. I love village shows!!! If there is a flower and produce show near you it is such fun to do.


Best wishes

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What a lovely day Ruth! We used to attend one locally which my Grandfather used to show at. He used to show all his vegetables and gladioli - I carried on the tradition with veg. but not flowers, and I also entered all the baking sections and some jam. There hasn't been a show now for a couple of years and I really miss it.


Tell Stephen that he should be very proud of winning First and Second even though they were the only two entries because it doesn't follow that they will automatically win. Judges can - and do - award what they think is right for the quality of the entry., so you could have only two entries and they will be judged Third and Highly Commended - or Second and unplaced........

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It's not an eggsact science.



Richard T




Well, according to the "schedule" it has to do with how alike they are in colour and size. They don't break them to judge the yolks, or freshness, etc.

Apart from one entry with very mis-matched eggs, I really couldn't see much in it, so was very lucky 8):D


Thanks everyone! Maybe see you there next year Martin, and your eggs will probably win!

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