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Cod Liver Oil

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:D Hi everyone, I was just wondering whether it would be ok to give my girls cod liver oil in their feed. I got it to give my children but it is more disgusting than

I thought :shock: Its a shame to waste it and I seem to remember reading that it

is good for animals too. but can't remember where I saw it. :roll: If anyone can advise I would be grateful. :lol::lol:



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Yes Jacob, it's good for your girls. Mix them up a little "porridge" using their layers pellets or mash and either a little water or bio yoghurt, and add in about 5ml cod liver oil. I give this to my girls nearly every day. :lol:


Not surprised your children won't take it - I licked a drop off my finger once - NEVER again :vom:


Sue Budgie

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