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We bought a couple of seed dishes for the run to put grit in. I think they're called 'Coop Cups', and they come in various different sizes. They are stainless steel, and the girlies love admiring their reflections in them!

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Thanks Shona, that reminds me that you can also get cheap (pardon the pun) plastic clip on bowls for budgie cages - they are great for grit or just temporary feeders.


But if you bought a Rolls Royce, would you put a tupperware drinks holder in it? :lol::lol::lol: (Mind you this could *add* value to something like a Berlingo. :wink: )

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I think Clare might have seen it already, but is refusing to dignify it with a response! :D Either that or she really *has* got a tupperware drinks holder in her Berlingo. :wink:




What exactly is the matter with tupperware drinks holders in your car?!



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