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Chooks in cold weather

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Hi crazydaizy


Welcome to the forum, I too will be having my first winter with my girls, there is always plenty of help and advice here. There is a very good sticky about chooks and the cold weather, have a look through the questions and answers there, if you need extra advice just ask.

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Hi Debbie :D


Your chickens will be fine. They will snuggle up together in the Eglu at night for warmth. During the day their feathers will keep them warm.


Last year up here the temperature dropped to -10oc on a few occasions during the day and somewhat colder during the night. My girls were fine.


Read through the Sticky as Debbie suggested it will put your mind at rest.

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Hi CrazyDaizy and welcome to the crazy world of chickens!!!!


Take a look at the following links -


Frozen water


Snow Chooks!!!




Putting Vaseline on combs


All under Chickens section on main page then under a sticky -

Questions about hens and the eglu in the snow


Hope this helps!


Christian x x x


p.s was trying to be clever and post the links myself but a bit backward when it comes to technical stuff.

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