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Be careful!

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Learnt a valuable lesson last night. My 13 yr old bent down towards our Sussex Star and she pecked him in the eye :cry: . He was very upset and complaining of a lot of pain. After we calmed him down we could see that there was a red mark on the white of the eye but his vision was fine. It was initially bloodshot but that settled too. He's fine today although the mark remains. Luckily with my medical background I was able to deal with the situation and am relieved that it was not a lot worse.


Just wanted to remind everyone else to be careful, warn children and not get your face too close especially with new birds.

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Oh bless him. It's easily done, isn't it. Martin's exactly right about the flash of light attracting them. Ollie was pecked in the mouth by Clarry when he was cuddling her and it made his lip bleed which upset him. I had to explain that she didn't do it on purpose but he's far more careful about getting his face near her now.


I hope your little chap's eye stops feeling sore soon.

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