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Mel (& Paul)

Eggs At Last!

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Dear All

You will be thrilled to know that you will not have to put up with my whingeing about no eggs :roll: , and congratulating new layers through gritted teeth when their girls lay within 5 minutes of arriving in their new homes... :mrgreen:

Yup! We are the proud owners of one egg! !egg!!egg! (not bad for 4 chickens and nearly 3 weeks..... :roll:

Now just to think what fabulous recipe I can rustle up with that one (rather small but perfectly formed!) egg. :D

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Thanks Kate and Nicola.

Will certainly do my best to post photos now that Kate's given me some help and tips!! :)

We are going to blow our egg so we can varnish and keep it - sad or what :roll::?:roll::?:!::!::!: We have kept the fossils that our dogs found on our very first beach walk with them when we had adopted them, and they are on the desk with photos of their friends :roll: and I think I will have to take photos of the "girls" and find somewhere to put them with the preserved egg! :D

- so we will have a VERY small scrambled egg dinner (which I need after the excesses of birthday meal last night :shock::D:shock: )

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