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Laura & CTB

Cat needing therapy!

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Yesterday, Frankenstein our cat came face to face with the new chooks when she accidently wandered out of the cat flap without looking first.


There she was in the garden 10 feet away from Prada who started coming towards her in that gunslinger kinda style.


At 5 paces Frankie started hissing which just fascinated Prada who decided to take a closer look.


At this point Frankie turned and shot off across the garden at 50 mph, tail three times it's normal size.


Anyone know a good cat psychologist :wink:

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My cat Alfie hardly ever goes out into the back garden now the chickens are here. He used to lie there and sunbathe and now he's to scared (still he's very lazy anyway so it doesn't seem to bother him!) Bess (my other cat) and Milo the dog just ignore them but he's a bit of a wuss!!



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