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"Oh What A Beautiful Mornin'. . ."

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They're here, they're here, THEY ARE HERE!!!!!!!!!!

USPS called me 6am this morning, to let me know my girls had landed safely. I wanted to pick them up from the airport, so I had the Express Clerk watch out for them & asked him to call me ASAP. (thank you Carlos).

Needless to say I didn't sleep a wink last night, waiting for the call!

They are so pretty! 3 girls with beautiful ginger & white feathers and fluffy white chicken bums! So cute!

Drove them home to the accompaniment of grumbles & pecking sounds from the crate, (Are we there yet?), and the rear windows open for some rather necessary ventilation.

They went straight for the mash as soon as I put them in the run, and now they are having a well-earned rest inside the Eglu. After all, its a long way fron Iowa to Utah!

I wondered how their beaks would look - the hatchery debeaks all their birds - but they look fine, just a little shorter and blunter than normal. They obviously work fine, judging by how much mash they managed to put away!

When they finished feeding, my little girl & I offered them some grapes, but they weren't interested. Perhaps they haven't had treats before? or are just worn out from the flight

All is quiet from inside the Eglu right now, & I am sitting on the patio with the laptop, in the gorgeous October sunshine - best time of the year in Utah - feeling pretty tired myself.

We took pictures (& video too!) but I am too pooped to post them just yet. Hopefully by the weekend, OK?

It's a beautiful mornin' fer sure! I am so pleased to have Nina, Doris & Lily here safe & sound at last!


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8) How lovely, Sarah, I'm thrilled for you. I have no idea how far Iowa is from Utah, I must have a look in the Atlas later. In the UK what we call a long distance probably seem a short distance to you in the States!

I like the names, and really enjoyed hearing about them settling in. More fun for you & your daughter tomorrow. What an exhausting but exciting day. :D

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