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The Dogmother

Something for nothing.... but no chicks for free

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(sorry for the Dire Straits quote there :roll: )


I just love Freecycle :D:clap:


I've been flirting with Freecycle for a bit and managed to get rid of a load of my shoes 2 weeks ago - boy did I feel virtuous!. Today, I got a FREE dog crate - brand new and still in the box - wooo hoo. Just the thing for when I have to quarantine a hen or cat.


Still looking for e new bike for Rosie though :?


Anyone else had some good buys from it?

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I love it too :P


A couple of weeks ago we gave away a brand new mountain bike which was an unwanted prize that had been passed onto us.

The chap who got it (he emailed within minutes of me posting) gave it to his girlfriend who had her bike stolen a week earlier :D


We had a trailer load of logs a while back too,just after we got our new woodburning stove. :P

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Oooh I forgot - a few months ago I had a tipper-truck load of wood chippings - a massive mountain on my front drive - from a guy who runs his own tree-surgery business. I mulched a big new front-garden bed about 5 inches deep - I shudder to think how much that would have cost at the garden centre. - I now have enough bagged up to last the rest of Mrs Miggins and Spots lives at least...


I also had a couple of those 1-tonne bags that sand is delivered in - the big ones with a handle in each corner - fantastic for talking shrub clippings and brambles etc down to the coucil recycling


I also had a copy of the advanced Michel Thomas CDs (French) to help with my son's GCSE...


I'm about to get rid of a load of old kids bikes in the garage...


it's freecycle-tastic!



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sorry clare - my "little girl" is just 10 - the girls bike we are getting rid of is her old Barbie Bike!! (I doubt a 9 yr. old would want to be seen on that!) - but she's welcome to it if she's got short legs and she wants it!!!


sorry.. :(



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