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Oh, you lucky thing, I am so :mrgreen: . I've tried to grow chillis this year, but so far nothing, lots of pretty green leaves and the odd flower, but no actual chillies. Not sure what I've done wrong :( .

I'd been hoping to make some chilli oil, lovely poured onto a home-made pizza, but have been reading elsewhere about a threat of botulism from flavoured oils, although, to be fair that was specifically about garlic oil, but I'm going to have to find out a bit more before I start making any flavoured oils :?

I love chillies, but like you am a bit stumped for recipes, I'm after a chilli & tomato salsa style chutney recipe, haven't found one that appeals yet, but I'll post if I do.

I'm off to the chilli festival in Chichester next weekend (Aug 6th/ 7th), so I'm hoping I'll come away clutching loads of chillies and some great ideas for what to do with them.

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Back again, I've just been googling for a blackberry jelly recipe, can't find my old one :( . Stumbled across Waitrose.com, and they have a wonderful recipe selection. Got my jelly recipe, so I'm off to cook up a storm :D . Because chillies were in my mind I typed chilli into their recipe search option, and it came up 143 different recipes, some sound extremely yummy, I'm going to have to go back later and have a proper look. Unfortunately not the chutney type recipe I'm looking for, but I'm in no great rush to find that - no chillies yet :(:oops:

Anyway, if you're interested it's worth a look, I thought it looked like a good site :)

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Chillis freeze really well. Just chuck them into a bag in the freezer don't need to blanch or anything. They will be slightly hotter when you use them and when they defrost they will be a bit soggy but I buy chillis in bulk and always freeze them :D

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Here are some great chilli recipes!


Garlic Chilli Prawns:

12oz large raw prawns

2 red chillies

3 garlic cloves crushed


5tbps olive oil


Remove the heads and shells from the prawns - leave tails intact. Half each chilli lengthways and discard the seeds. heat the oil in a pan, then add all of the ingredients and cook over a high heat for 3 minutes until the prawns turn pink. Serve immediately



Fiery salsa:

6 hot red chillies, seeded and roughly chopped.

1 onion roughly chopped

2 garlic cloves quartered.

2.5cm piece of root ginger roughly chopped

1lb tomatos, chopped

2tbs olive oil

pinch of sugar

salt and pepper


put all of the ingredients in the food processor, and whizz til smooth!

serve with fresh crusty bread, or even toss with pasta for a spicy meal!



Rouille (to be served with a seafood soup)

1 red pepper seeded and chopped

1 red chilli seeded and chopped

2 garlic cloves chopped

5tbs olive oil

1/2oz breadcrumbs


whizz in a blender until smooth, then chill.



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Don't worry :wink: !! Another sticky won't hurt!



ooh errr :wink:

Brilliant recipes and will try waitrose's website as well. We seemed to have success with chillis - none ripe yet (we were a little late in planting them)

I buy some wicked chillis stuffed with feta cheese from a olive / deli place - YUMMY!! so might try and recreate these at home

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Let me know if you are still after Chilli recipes of if you have used them all up now.

I make a wonderful sticky chilli jam, which you eat with meats & Sausages.

It is a favourite at my girls schools summer fete, & sells out really quickly!


If you would like the recipe, let me know :)



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Here you go.

It is really simple, sticky, sweet & not too hot...


125g Dutch Chillis, cored, deseeded & roughly chopped

1 red pepper

100ml white Wine Vinegar

500g Caster sugar


(I usually double this recipe...it keeps really well in the fridge)


1 - Place chillis, pepper & vinegar in a blender & whizz until finley diced

2 - Place this mixture into a small sucepan, add the sugar & bring to the boil

3 - Reduce heat & simmer for about 10 mins, remove & allow to cool.

The mixture should have the consistency of slightly runny jam.


Thats it!

Jar it up & enjoy!!!


Apparantly you can also add it as an ingrediant to stir frys & stews, although I have not tried this yet.


Hope it works :)



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Haven't read everyones replies so apol's is this is a repeat of someone else's suggestion but what about chilli jam (sorry I don't actually have a recipe for it either but I'm sure you'd get one off the web) Smoked chilli jam can taste great and goes lovely with nice cheeses :P

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Hi Sue,

I am not sure about the freezing them whole issue,but I have minced them & frozen them in ice cube trays before.

It was really handy having an ice cube sixe block to throw into stews etc - & there is no need to thaw either!


My Chilli growing has never been a great success,& this year I didn't even bother with them.

But I did have a real glut of tomatoes, & now a freezer full of wonderful tomato soup :P


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