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Ebay....you couldn't make it up.

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Do people buy it? Must get the chaps down to the beach for a walk on Sunday to see what we pick up.


Do you think washed up tin cans and car tyres would sell as well? :lol:

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I have seen high street carrier bags for sale on ebay too :roll:


And an Air Guitar which was photographed in its case,but specified case not included on the listing!


And some air breathed out (apparantly) by Brad Pitt & Angalina Jolie :lol:


At the moment there is a man selling his false testicle (I won't put a link,but you can do a search!)


And these -








I once listed a courgette,but no-one bid on it (not even Martin!)

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Re the false testicle he's only offering a 49% share for ....ta da...£20,000.00!


Buy it now is £50,000.00.


Would put a link, but frankly some the content of the listing is a bit rude for a family forum.


There is, however, a serious message re checking for testicular cancer hidden in there.

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Yep...its gone.


Perhaps someone paid the buy it now price!!


I think probably the site administrators removed it because it was a bit OTT.


It did contain a serious message encouraging chaps to be vigilant about checking out ANY worrying symptoms in that department, as testicular cancer is very treatable if caught early.


Pity it was eclipsed by vulgarity.

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