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The Dogmother

Hotmail - Grrrr

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Do you have a Hotmail account?


I am so hacked off with the Flash banner ads they have at the top of their page at the moment (for Philadelphia, but the McDonalds one does it too).


These ads multiply - rolling down the page, pushing my email window off the bottom of the screen. I'm not going anywhere near them, let alone rolling over them. It gets so that I can't read my emails and have to shut that window down and start again :roll:


Sorry, rant over :?

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I would never use hotmail :evil:

Would you like a googlemail email? If so - let me know and I'll send you an "invite" - or anyone else that would like one, I've got loads of invites...


They have ads along the side - but NO banners and you hardly notice them - also - loads of space and no auto deleting emails unless you have deleted them yourself.....

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Well Claremail works. The computer is still playing up and when I try to sign in it will let me type in my e-mail and password and then does nothing. Still have to go to the library to sort it out......


But saying that Dad was trying to get me an account on outlook express as he can get his e-mails on hotmail through that. I'll just ask him to sort it out tonight. As it's very annoying.

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My hotmail account occasionally has those annoying adverts, but they usually have a wee 'x' hidden in a corner somewhere to get rid of it. I always roll over them by mistake, and it drives me mad. The I finally get into my inbox, and discover it's full of spam, and I wonder why I bothered!

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