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Guest Damian

Not thirsty like me...

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Chicks arrived yesterday, lots of excitement and apprehension! My first question: They don't appear to be drinking much water, :cry: although they could be sneaking a drop when I am not looking!? :shock: Any tips :idea: ? Also has annyone else felt guilty practically shoving them in at night? - I know I'm a real towny!!




Ju Ju GNR and Amy PP(red eglu)

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Hi Damian,


I should imagine the girls are sneaking drinks when you're not looking! Perhaps they're shy :oops: ! I don't very often see mine drinking but I know that they do.


It may be that they are having trouble with the water peanut feeder though.


When my two first arrived, Jennifer PP couldn't get the hang of the water peanut feeder and began to show signs of dehydration (lethargic, comb flopped to one side, sitting down all the time and nodding off) so I put in a cereal bowl full of water which she drank like water was going out of fashion! Since then, I've tried using a dogs water bowl but gave up with that because the garden birds used to bathe in it when the run was open during the day and made the water filthy! I now have one of the traditional poultry water feeders which gravity feeds into a small dish at the bottom. Both girls manage this beautifully and the garden birds can't bathe in it either! Some of the other Eglu owners have had problems with the water peanut and they have posted several suggestions in the EGLU section under the topic "Peanuts" http://club.omlet.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=135

"Water, water everywhere" - http://club.omlet.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=48- hope they are helpful :D .


As for shoving them into the Eglu at night - mine toddle off quite happily on their own when it starts to get dusky outside. I haven't had to make them go to bed at all - perhaps yours are dirty stop-outs :shock: ! Try leaving them for a bit to see if they toddle off on their own when they feel ready :D . Clarissa always nips to bed much earlier than Jenny who often stands by the Eglu door until I go out and stand nearby, then when she's reassured, she pops to bed too! I think she's angling for a good night story :wink: !


Good luck with the new arrivals and I'm sure we're all looking forward to photos of your girls in the gallery and the most important one, your first egg in the first egg album!


Any other questions, post them in the forum and someone will have an answer!

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Hi Damian .. I had 2 bantams as a little girl. and used to have to pick them out of a tree (where they roosted) and tuck them in their house.

As I remember ... I waited for ages for Ginger and Pepper to go to bed on the 1st few nights of arriving(thankfully no tree retreivals :!: ), they came mid-july and I remember thinking, god I'm tired when are these hens going to bed :roll: . They seemed to settle after a few days.


Re. water ... mine are ok with the peanuts ... but love fresh rain off the patio. Like Kate said ... maybe use an old container (ice-cream tub or bowl) they will drink as they need, they are not dumb 8) .


Most of all enjoy :lol: .. they will settle as will you.


Sarah (green eglu) with GNR and PP

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Hi Damian

As the others say, your hens should soon get the hang of where to roost at night. Re water, one thing you could try is adjusting the height of the peanut. Observe how they get on with their food peanut and that might indicate whether to try moving it up or down. Kate's given a very good description of a dehydrated hen - as long as yours don't show any of those symptoms you could see if they get the hang of water from the peanut. Otherwise pick what you fancy from the other suggestions.

Good luck and welcome to chickens.

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Yes..............felt very cruel indeed. Got our chickens yesterday (lovely organically reared, free range, happy chickens). Took them from the car and bunged them unceremoniously straight in the eglu, as it was already dark by the time we got home! Spent all evening saying my mantra out loud, 'do you think they're allright?', much to the exasperation of my husband :roll:

Got up at the crack of dawn, opened the door and quick as a flash........nothing happened! Took up our positions at the french windows, tea in hand and waited.........and waited.......and made some more tea.....and contemplated going back to bed for an hour.

Then - just as we stopped watching, and I reminded myself that 'a watched pot never boils'......Nicole popped her head out, followed by Paris (anyone watch the simple life - two other high maintenance birds!)

They are happily scratching around in the sunshine at this very moment. :D


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Many thanks for all your suggestions. As I cleaned out the water there was plenty of mash swimming around, so they are sneaky little devils :lol: My darling Wife - at first sceptical, but coming 'round' - :P Wants to know if our daughter needs a tetnus injection.....Just in case?


Once again thanks for all your replies.


Ju Ju PP Amy PP(red eglu)

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Hi Damian

Sounds as if you are beginning to understand the complex nature of the chicken brain. Need to warn you that within a few weeks they will have you very well trained regarding their favourite snacks and times of feeding etc. Ever wondered about the phrase 'rule the roost'. Well it doesn't mean us owners :!:


Re tetanus. Disclaimer first - not medical, just had 2 kids go through childhood jabs so refer all queries to your GP. However my amateur understanding is that the baby and pre-school jabs cover them until they get a jab during secondary school. It used to be that adults were told to get a booster every 10 years, but when I went to have one recently the nurse said that 2 boosters as an adult should cover you for life. For any adults out there, if you can't remember ever having a booster as an adult, then be really brave about the needle and get one.

BTW it isn't the hens that 'carry' tetanus but the soil or things with soil on them so the concern about being covered is just that we are outdoors more doing things in the garden :D

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