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Tech help needed

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Hello All!


Well finally on my part time week and have loads to do, so naturally am spending most of my time on here!!


Just opened a photobucket account after seeing revnev's 'jumping' chicken and wanted to show my girls off.


One problem - how do I change the web address from what it is at the bottom of my signature to something like 'see my chickens here'. If you catch my drift. I use an Ibook not windows just to confuse things.


Also could someone click on it to see if it works??




Many thanks


Christian x x

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It's quite easy Christian once you've got the hang of it.


It needs to look like this but remove the * and don't leave a space where it was


[*url=http://s122.photobucket.com/albums/o272/christianl_bucket/?sc=6?sc=6]See my chickens here[/url]


Without the * you should have this -


See my chickens here - and yes, it works beautifully! Great photos!

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OMG it worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank You so much Kate, been trying to do it for ages and ages.


Any chance you could put it in the intro for new forum members? I am sure I will need it again :oops:


Off to light the fire now as its freezing!!!


Thanks again :clap:


Christian x x x

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